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SILVER series

Log periodic aerials have an extremely linear frequency response, an excellent Front/Back ratio and a radiation diagram with very reduced side lobes. The F connection patented system allows the best exploitation of the electrical features of the aerials decreasing to the minimum attenuations and breaks in continuity due to the traditional connection with clamp. They are completely realized in aluminium special alloy. They are supplied completely pre-assembled.
Emme Esse Patents


channelscodeelementsgainF/B ratiohorizontal beamwidthwind loadinglengthbandspackingweightvolume
21 - 402140UD2811.5 dB34 dB55°3.3 Kg1209 mmUHF(B.IV)106,8000,107
21 - 402140UFC**2811.5 dB34 dB55°3.3 Kg1100 mmUHF(B.IV)---
21 - 602160CMD147.7 dB29 dB55°2.4 Kg410 mmUHF105,5000,036
5 - 12512MD127 dB20 dB64°2.5 Kg727 mmVHF108,3000,168
5 - 12512UD148.5 dB22 dB56°3.6 Kg1122 mmVHF109,5000,270
5 - 12512UFC**148.5 dB22 dB56°3.6 Kg1100 mmVHF---
5 - 37537UD329 dB24 dB60°3.6 Kg1219 mmVHF+B.IV109,8000,189
5 - 40540UFC**329 dB24 dB60°3.6 Kg1100 mmVHF+B.IV---
5 - 60560CMD186.5/7.7 dB20/29 dB64°/55°2.4 Kg575 mmVHF+UHF108,2000,168
5 - 60560UD309/11 dB24/32 dB60°/55°3.5 Kg993 mmVHF+UHF109,5000,171
5 - 60572UD248.5/9 dB22/30 dB64°/56°2.5 Kg810 mmVHF+UHF109,3000,228
5 - 60560HVD308.5/11 dB22/30 dB60°/50°4.0 Kg1216 mmVHF+UHF22,5000,060

: Reduces LTE interferences
* VHF and UHF pol. V/H
**Preconnected F output

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