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Tivumax Pro II

Tivumax Pro II


New Humax receiver, tivùon and tivùsat HD certified, allows you to access to all the interactive services provided via broadband such as Infinity and Mediaset On-Demand.

To access the services it is necessary to connect the device to the internet using broadband connection, via cable or Wi-Fi depending on the technical features of the device.

Time Shift Recording function allows you to control the time: play your favorite show while you are recording it, pause it and resume when you are ready; watch your favorite scenes skipping the ones you are not interested in.

The Tivùsat Electronic Program Guide (EPG) shows all the TV programs information for the coming days on your TV screen. Furthermore, by connecting an external memory unit to the receiver, you can schedule the recordings directly from the guide.

HD digital satellite tuner (DVB-S/S2 MPEG 2/4 SD/HD H264)

Compatible with HD tivùsat

Tivùon certified

Tivùlink qualified for quick access to on-demand apps (Infinity, Rai Replay, Rai News, Mediaset Rewind HD)

DCSS functionality to interface the decoder with a dCSS LNB or Multiswitch and use all 16 frequencies.

Teletext and subtitles.

Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

High definition recording on external HDD and USB pendrive (not included)

Time shift recording function

Scheduled recordings by TV guide

Video resolution 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 576i

Possibilità di esportare le registrazioni su unità di memoria esterna via USB

Possibility to export recordings to external storage units via USB

Reproduction of multimedia contents from external USB memories

Ethernet port for LAN and internet connection

Access to local media contents, PC, NAS

Universal remote control to control also the TV

The tivùsat smartcard is included in the package

Cam Tivùsat Humax

Humax Tivùsat Cam


Tivùsat 4K CAM introduces an Enhanced Content Protection system(ECP) required by major film studios. New tivùsat 4K CAM will allow users to view protected contents, mostly films. Already active free 4K channels (like Rai 4K and Nasa TV) will continue to be visible even by those who already have an HD CAM.


Common Interface standard Nagravision + Tivùsat smart card Modul suitable for HD services decoding in combination with compatible decoders and Tvs equipped with satellite receiver and CI slot. Also suitable for TivùSat services in Ultra HD 4K standard.

Wi-Fi dongle


Wi-Fi dongle compatible with Humax decoders.

The accessory is self-installed and enables the connection to local decoder Wi-Fi network in order to access to OTTV functions, Tivùon or to home network multimedia contents via DLNA. Using this dongle avoids physically connecting the decoder with a network cable.

Wi FI Dongle Humax
Humaz Eye

Humax Eye


Humax Eye allows you to see what is most important to you, everywhere you are. It is possible to view several cameras in different rooms or places from anywhere.

Receive instant alerts on your smart device

Store and review the last 7 days from the cloud

100° field of view

See up to 8 meters in low light

Easy Set-Up

Instantly recording when motion is detected

View recordings or watch live

Freestanding or magnet wall mounting

Watch on your TV via compatible Humax STB

Choose Theme Colors
Predefined Color Skins