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produzione di pali e sostegni

Hardware and masts, the galvanizing

zincatura bianca elettrolitica

Electrolytic white galvanizing

The supports are subject to electrolytic white galvanizing surface treatment.

During this process, the material to be treated is first adequately prepared (pre-degreased, pickled, and degreased) and immediately after it is soaked in an electrolytic solution containing zinc salts. Finally, a dc crossing occurs between the piece and the solution that deposit the metallic zinc on the surface of the piece itself.

Hot galvanizing

Hot galvanizing ensures a complete protective coating and maximum protection against corrosion resistance.

The treatment involves soaking the previously treated steel components in a melted zinc bath at a temperature of 450 ° C. This starts a reaction of the metal that inextricably links steel and zinc generating on the steel surface a layer of pure zinc.

The soaking treatment allows the coating of the components inside, outside and even in inaccessible points. The result is a shock-resistant surface, extremely resistant to corrosion and strong, that lasts over time.

brevetti zincatura a fuoco
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