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Style Total White
From today the antenna has a new look
Discret, resistant, fast and Italian
Since 1957
Matter of organization
The new amplification center to better organize the TV band
MiP technology
New patented dipole
Resistant and waterproof

Made in Italy tv antenna manufacturers

TV aerials, satellite antennas, tv satellite decoders and accessories

Since 1957 we have designed and manufactured tv antennas, aerials, satellite decoders and a wide range of internationally patented products for the reception and distribution of TV signal.
With more than 60 years of experience in the television and satellite industry, we are specialized in the B2B market and boast a wide and international business network of wholesalers in Italy and all around the world.
We support and supply our partner companies located in 30 different countries to guarantee top-quality and professional services.

Made in Italy

We established all our production plants in Italy to guarantee top-quality products and fully controlled production processes


We employ fully automated sytems and up-to-date robots to optimize both quality and quantity during production


We promise our professional technicians high-quality products, fast installation, constant technical support and continuous updates

Our catalogue

A full range of tv antennas, satellite antennas, tv satellite decoders and accessories for any kind of terrestrial and satellite signal reception and distribution system.


Professional Dome and Bullet Cameras

VideoPro® is a brand by Emme Esse and is the choice for the professional installer.
Conceived for security needs in houses or shops, the range includes IP , analogue HD cameras, NVR, DVR and video management software.

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