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Multiband amplifiers with programmable filters - Auto-supplied

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Self-powered head-end with 32 programmable filters, suitable for small and medium-sized systems. The signal received from the 4 VHF/UHF inputs is optimized to avoid conflicts and equalized to offer a higher quality television service. Also available in the mast version, with an outdoor shockproof box equipped with metal clamps for fixing to the support. Programming is carried out from a PC requiring, in addition to the optional programmer 83840PRG, the installation of the free X-Prog software or from smartphone, using X-App


codeinputsbandsgain adj. V/Uoutput levelgain adjustmentoutputsconsumptionprogramming
83840A4VHF+UHF40 dB AGC115 dBμV20 dB16WManuale
83840P4VHF+UHF40 dB AGC115 dBμV20 dB16WManuale
83800S3VHF+UHFAGC85 dBμV

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