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All Emme Esse antennas have been optimized to guarantee the best reception also for digital terrestrial signals and are equipped with F connectors. Emme Esse antennas are made in aluminium special alloy sections at high mechanical resistance. A transparent white anticorrosion process that makes the antennas weatherproof protects them. VHF antennas are supplied with pre-mounted elements whereas the VHF ones have the elements completely pre-assembled. All these features make the installation fast and easy. The plastic material used for the aerials resists to high temperature ranges without suffering from structural alterations.
A selection of LTEfree antennas, retuned up to channel 48, according to the new frequencies allocation plan is available.

3 types of Series: ICE (antioxidant treatment and white plastics), SILVER (natural aluminium alloy, black plastics), STYLE (painted, white plastics).

Several models have been equipped with the new patented reflector with fast fix system both for STYLE and ICE version.

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