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Tv amplifiers manufacturers

Tv amplifiers for signal reception

Leading manufacturers of SMATV amplifiers and DVB-T2 signal amplifiers for greater stability

Mast amplifiers

The range of mast amplifiers has been updated to adapt to the new technological demands dictated by the reduction of the band assigned to television broadcasts, the new future DVB-T2 signal standard and the product specifications included in the RED directive.

Tv amplifiers manufacturers

Mast amplifiers are generally used for single or small and medium condominium systems in the most performing versions. Recently the range has been completed by the series called "UHF Only" without VHF inputs, since this band now lacks TV broadcasting in large areas of the territory.

All models are made in a die-casting mechanics and equipped with a robust and functional external impact protection system with attachment to the antenna mast. These characteristics guarantee a high shielding against electromagnetic interference and a high degree of protection against atmospheric agents.

The power supply is via the 12V DC voltage that must be present on the coaxial cable of the TV system. All models have the possibility to activate the power supply to the input connectors. The most powerful versions reach an output level of 119 dBµV with amplification up to 40db and adjustment with attenuators.

Programmable TV amplifiers and head-ends

Compared to classic TV amplifiers, this TV amplifiers range of devices has the main feature of being able to adapt to different reception situations. Essentially there is the possibility, for each antenna input available, to select the bandwidth or better groups of channels even not adjacent.

In order to obtain such versatility it is applied to terrestrial TV signals the technology known as "Digital Channel Stacking Switch". The presence of AGC ensures selectivity and linearity of gain.

For small and medium-sized systems it is advisable to use the MAGIC series , which includes mast amplifiers and indoor mini power supply units programmable through an interface to be connected to a PC or tablet, or self-programmed with self-learning function of the signals.

For large installations, the DOMINO series is available, which includes self-powered head units of greater power with programmable amplifiers and integrated displays.

The possibility of being able to select and mix the channels of interest and equalize the entire spectrum makes these head-ends also ideal for TV systems where there is a fiber optic distribution.

Indoor head-ends

As Tv amplifiers manufacturers, we offer a range of self-powered TV amplifiers for indoor installations.

All models are RED compliant. An integrated filter eliminates the possible interference of 5G transmissions at 700MHz and 4G at 800MHz, while the use of updated and accurate components allows the achievement of remarkable performance with output levels up to 126 dbµv, 45db amplification, linear frequency response and low noise figure.

The Minimaster series is very compact and is suitable for small installations, even where separate BIV and BV antennas are not required.

The Whiteline series consists of medium power head-ends with maximum output level up to 120 dbµv, with different input configurations.

The Blackline series is the top of the range with output level of 126 dbµv. The power supply is external to the die-casting structure of the head-end. The input filters are shielded from each other as well as the amplification stages made with high performance MMIC. The control units of the Blackline series are therefore intended for medium-large plants or in any case in the presence of a large number of outlets.

Dvb t2 signal amplifiers manufacturers
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