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Tv amplifier manufacturers

Tv amplifiers for signal reception

Leading manufacturers of SMATV amplifiers and TV signal amplifiers for greater stability

TV amplifiers with AGC

We have a long experience in the manufacture of TV amplifiers with Automatic Gain Control (AGC). This system can solve signal-shifting problems that occur in particularly critical areas.

Challenging weather conditions such as the lowering or raising of tides, strong humidity or fog can cause signal instability and reduce the quality of the received signal and the working performances of the TV system.

amplificatori AGC emme esse

The amplifiers with AGC are available both in the plug-in or mast version for TV antennas or as self-powered head-end. They are equipped with a special circuit that can vary the gain according to the level of the received signal.

The detection of signal variations occurs on the whole band: in order to favour the good functioning of the AGC circuit, it is advisable to equalize the band signals by introducing equalized filters (code 83191CE).

The mast model and the self-powered head-end allow to connect 2 VHF and UHF antennas, but if you act on the appropriate selector, the input becomes a single VHF + UHF.

All-in-one TV signal amplifiers

The All-in-one TV amplifier series has been designed to meet every requirement of digital TV LTEfree signal reception. The uniqueness of this amplifier lies in its 8 different configurations. The available gain is 30/30 (dB) VHF/UHF and using a 2-way selector it is possible to exclude one transistor amplifier by decreasing the gain of 10-15 dB.

Inside the amplifier there is a jumper allowing to select the types of input: 2 inputs VHF/UHF or 1 single Log. The product has a good linearity over the entire amplified band, an excellent separation between individual inputs and an exceptional signal/noise ratio.

Standard TV amplifiers

All the amplifier series are made with:

die-casting mechanics combined with tinning treatment;

die-casting F- connectors;

internal separators for high output level amplifiers.

The external case protects the TV signal amplifier from atmospheric agents by means of a watertight closing system. It also allows a practical fixing of the connectors thanks to the tilting movement.

The electrical performances have a low noise figure and an efficient frequency response linearity that can be found in all the many versions differing for inputs, gain and output level. They are ideal for DTT signals in the LTEfree 4G and LTEfree 5G versions.

The version with Automatic Gain Control (AGC) or the version with Intermodulation Control (CI) are available.

amplificatori standard emme esse
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