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Tv satellite dish manufacturers

TV satellite dishes for top-quality reception

Long-experienced manufacturers of high-performance TV satellite antennas and parabolic dishes

Standard dishes

Emme Esse S.p.A designs and manufactures its own tv satellite antennas and dishes. The high level attained in electrical performances is acknowledged by strict tests run together with renowned university laboratories. The reports and results of these tests provide precise data on the receiving features of the antennas such as gain, cross-polarization, lobe width at -3dB, attenuation of the first lateral lobe. Data and main features can be easily found in the technical product sheets along with other mechanical specifications.

All our tv satellite dishes and antennas boast an easy, immediate and cost-saving installation process. For this reason, TV satellite dishes are equipped with a folded and pre-mounted support arm and mount ready to be open and instantly extracted with a “snap”. The undisputed quality of our tv satellite dishes and antennas has been awarded with some international patents.


To endure harsh weather conditions and strict installation conditions.


Premounted, for a fast installation.


Polyester powder coating for outdoor use.


High-resistance hot galvanized/aluminium alloy dish for long-lasting performances and effective protection against corrosion


of the dish for high torsional stiffness.

steel mount

with shaped moulding to adhere to the reflector disc and reduce the contact pressure enhancing the mechanical stiffness.

Satellite dishes manufacturers

Super HD dish antennas

Premium level dish antennas made of high-quality materials (aluminium dish, mechanical support in galvanized steel, stainless steel nuts) obtained through a high-precision moulding process that guarantees a constant production quality.

The multi-stage coating treatment ensures a long service life making. This allows our tv satellite antennas to be particularly suitable for installation in windy areas with a strong presence of corrosive agents (acid rain, saltiness, etc.).

The double-arm mono-block support is powder-coated in hot-galvanized steel and has the same colour of the plate (white, anthracite grey and brick-like red). It ensures great stability and strength to the LNB and the dish guaranteeing excellent rigidity and reduced shifting.

The dish slot allows a fast positioning of the plate on the support and makes dish assembly operations easier. The comfortable cable glands, inside the support itself, perfectly protect the conductors connected to the LNB.

Practical die-casting butterfly nuts and pre-mounted mast brackets fasten the clamps to the mast and the support. The feed-holder is in die-cast aluminium, as well. Excellent electrical performance is guaranteed thanks to the focusing system and available multifeed accessories.

M-ML series dish antennas

The professional series of M and ML (de-luxe) dish antennas resumes the main features of the standard series but it is mounted with die-cast butterfly nuts with a 50x20mm increased LNB arm. The dish is endowed with slots to be quickly positioned on the support and the feed-holder is made of die-cast aluminium (ML). Due to high-quality standards and materials, Emme Esse’s M and ML series of dish antennas have been covered by international patents.

V-SAT dish antennas

V-SAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) dishes belonging to M series are used for bi-directional satellite communications from remote terminals to a central hub or to other terminals without links to terrestrial net.

Made of highly resistant and anti-corrosion metals, these dish antennas are manufactured with completely automatic processes that guarantee an optimal working precision.

The mounting system is thought to save time during installation and to make the pointing easier. These tv satellite antennas are covered by Emme Esse’s patents.

Parabolic dishes manufacturers
parabole de-icing

V-SAT De-Icing dishes

These specific tv satellite dishes are equipped with a carbon fiber heater with automatic temperature regulation. For this reason, they are ideal for extremely cold areas commonly subjected to ice and snow. Designed to improve operational efficiency and working performances, Emme Esse’s dish antennas can resist adverse weather conditions as the de-icing device warms the LNB area.

V-SAT de-icing dishes are covered by Emme Esse’s patents.

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