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UHF tv antenna manufacturers


Manufacturers of the eco-friendly ICE Series of outdoor tv antennas and amplifiers

Our expertise as UHF tv antenna manufacturers helped us develop the innovative ICE series models. Characterized by a special anti-corrosion aluminium finishing treatment, these antennas and tv amplifiers ensure maximum durability over time. Our tv antennas are ideal for challenging outdoor installations since they are designed to resist extreme weather conditions such as strong winds and acid rains. What’s more, their design fits perfectly with the most modern buildings and architectural structures.


Outdoor tv antennas with high-quality aluminium finishing for a longer resistance to bad weather conditions and salt-spray corrosion than standard and untreated antennas


No dirty hands during installation process


A minimalist design adaptable to modern builidings

Uhf dtt antennas manufacturers

White RoHS compatible anti-corrosion treatment is divided into three main stages:

Alkaline degreasing



ICE series of tv antennas and tv amplifiers mount white plastics moulded in a special high-performance and weather-resistant polymer which is particularly suitable for outdoor installations. They also boast a strong and laboratory tested resistance to xenon light bor better performances.

Many models of our antennas belong to ICE series: 3Line, series LX, Arko, Top Line, Panel, V-Line, Yagi, Excel.

SILVER Serie, made of aluminium alloy

We designed and manufactured the Silver series of outdoor tv antennas to guarantee a highly resistant product made of a special aluminium alloy without antioxidant treatment.

These antennas and tv amplifiers mount black plastics obtained from the moulding of high-quality polymers.

The models that belong to the SILVER series are Uniline, Yagi, XLine, Onda, GSM, V-Line, Serie14, 3Line.

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STYLE Series, the antenna with a brand new look

The STYLE series antennas are completely powder-coated in white polyesters. They boast an extremely refined finish and the highest resistance to corrosion. We personally handle the coating process inside our plants.

The no rinse passivation technique is based on organic resins and titanium derivatives and it protects the powder coating of the antennas enhancing the environmental quality.

antenne serie Style

The STYLE series of outdoor tv antennas mount white plastics which are made of a particular high-performance polymer, specifically designed for outdoor applications. They are characterized by a great resistance to xenon light exposure.

These antennas fit perfectly with the most modern building design thanks to their minimalist and low-impact finish. They even boast the new Fast-Fix Reflector system made of strengthened plastics and a new integrated dipole.

Some models of the Optica, V-Line, 3-Line, Excel belong to the STYLE series.

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