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Programmable TV headends

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VHF / UHF programmable headend suitable for the construction of medium-sized TV installations even in the presence of signals with DVB-T2 standard. It optimizes the VHF / UHF digital terrestrial signals coming from 4 inputs and sorts them avoiding conflicts and differences in height to offer a high quality television service.
Optional separate programmer: the Magic programmable control unit has 4 VHF / UHF inputs with adjustable gain 0 รท 20 dB and AGC. Programming is done byPC with X-Prog, a dedicated program, and requires the use of the optional 83840PRG programmer.
Efficient and economic: the X-Prog program allows you to manage the programming of the Magic headend in a simple and immediate way: it manages any conflict on the various inputs and allows you to save the desired configurations so that they can be used quickly for programming multiple units. Ideally, the installer can purchase a single programmer and use it for the management of multiple headends with significant cost savings.

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