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connectorization and splicing

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It is available a wide range of accessories to combine with products for installations of fiber optic systems.


80654THeat shrinkable joint covers are used to protect fusion joints. They are equipped with a metal core that maintains its rigidity after heat shrinkage.L = 45mm, standard diameter 2.4mm
80655The Kevlar scissor is a resistant and quality product that ensures a clean cut of the aramidic reinforcement yarns present in fiber optic cables.Molybdenum, vanadium and carbon steel blade. Plastic handle, ergonomic. Lenght: 140 mm, weight 79 gr.
80656The 2-hole stripper is a tool suitable for removing the various coatings of optical fibers.2-hole stripper to remove 2/3 mm sheats, 900µm and 250µm. Metallic material with plastic handles. Metal blade. 145 mm length and 84.1 gr weight.
80657Aluminum cable sheath for armored cables with a diameter of 8-28.6 mmTool suitable to remove the external sheath and the corrugated metal protection in the armored cables. The blade can rotate 90 °, in order to facilitate the tapping of the optical fibers.
80658Cables sheath for the longitudinal opening, tapping activity of different diameters minibreakout cables in FTTH vertical cabling. TIM qualified.Suitable for cables of different diameters (6-8 mm), interchangeable blades. Aluminum material, handle in dielectric material. Latch blocks blades. Weight 105 gr, dimensions 143x47 mm.
80675M2Pigtail FC / UPC, Tight, 900µm, SM 9/125 G.652D, white, L = 2.50 mPigtails are used for terminating optical cables using the fusion splicing technique. Coating diameter 0,850 ± 50 µm.
80675SM2Pigtail SC / APC easy strip 900µm, SM 9/125 G.657A1, white, L = 2 m
80675SUM2Pigtail SC / UPC easy strip 900µm, SM 9/125 G.657A1, white, L = 2 m

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