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SAT&TV plugs

TV/SAT sockets compatible with the most widespread series on the market. All the models, with aluminium die-casting mechanics and clamp with lid closing, guarantee a very high shielding. The range includes several models technically different from one another: loop-through sockets, terminals, de-coupled, with IEC or F male connectors or IEC female.
The loop-through sockets, TV or de-coupled are available with different attenuation values. To carry out the installation of a socket it is necessary to combine it with a plug of the desired range.


Direct TV/SAT socket with DC crossing• Ideal for TV installation with power supply at the end. • F output version for multiswitches “Compact” or for Multioutput LNBs • Do not use as terminal after a series of tap sockets.
81X03MSplitting TV socket• For TV installation with 2 sockets • Insert a direct plug on the upright • The working is the same of 2 plugs connected to a 2 way splitter
@VRT 6 81XDP05
Loop-through TV socket DC crossing on the upright• Suitable for TV distribution installation together with splitters and taps. • On the upright of the last plug insert the terminal load 81912 or 81912C (or power supply for remote powering of the amplifier) • Absolutely avoid insertion of a direct plug as column terminal.
Terminal demixed socket• For installations with mixed distribution, combined to multiswitch or to IF/IF head-ends with taps Micro or Omintech series. • Do not use as terminal after a series of loop through plugs.
De-mixed loop through socket• For installations with IF/IF head-ends and cascadable distributions. • Can be combined with 5 IN multiswitches (with TV mix) for more Sat plugs to be used alternatively. • Also possible the use of a loop-through demix plug followed by other loop-through only TV plugs. • Can be obtained in addition, a demix plug with cascadable following of other plugs TV only. • The terminal of the column must be a loop-through plug with terminal load code 81912C.
81XDDSocket double outlet• Can be used in installations with separated SAT and TV distributions. • Sat and TV cables are connected to one socket with double connector with money saving.

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