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PlugIN Splitters - clamp connection

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PlugIN Splitters are realized by die-casting mechanics and screened clamps for the cable fixing. This special feature makes these components easy to install even in very small spaces. The range includes 2, 3 and 4 output splitters for the SAT & TV signal distribution. Freq. range: 5 ÷ 2400 MHz

SAT+TV signal taps, ideal for analogue and digital signal installations. The range includes 3 versions with different number of tap outputs. Each model is available with different attenuation values to realize complex installations. Die-casting mechanics is equipped with screened clamps to reduce to the minimum the size and allow housing also in very small boxes. Freq. range: 5 ÷ 2400 MHz


codeoutputstypeinsertion lossuncouplingdimensions
816522passive-4 dB TV/ -7 dB SAT>20 dB TV/ >20 dB SAT42 x 17 x 27 mm
816533passive-7 dB TV/ -9 dB SAT>20 dB TV/ >20 dB SAT42 x 17 x 27 mm
816544passive-9 dB TV/ -11 dB SAT>20 dB TV/ >20 dB SAT62 x 17 x 32 mm

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