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Mast splitters with dc crossing

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Broadband mast splitters with high impedance matching. Equipped with dc crossing on all outputs with diode protection. All mast splitters are fully screened and equipped with F type connector and made with high quality components to guarantee low insertion losses and high selectivity. The shockproof plastic case provides maximum protection from atmospheric agents.
One of the most exclusive aspects of these splitters is the possibility of powering the TV amplifier from all the outputs to the users.
This function is very useful in structures such as holiday apartments, where some apartments are often uninhabited and it is necessary to make each apartment independent with its own power supply to ensure the operation of the TV amplifier in any case.
In a Satellite system with dCSS LNB these splitters divide the upstream signal to be distributed to several users.


codeinputsbandAttenuationoutputsDC pass
83192CC15 ÷ 2400 MHz4 dB2YES
83193CC15 ÷ 2400 MHz6 dB3YES
83194CC15 ÷ 2400 MHz8 dB4YES

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