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channel pass - stop filters - equalizers

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The range of mast mixers is completed by pass-channel and stop-channel filters, but also pass-stop channel filters in passive versions. All filters are realized in shielded mechanics with F connectors and provided with anti-shock waterproof plastic case for the outdoor mast fixing. Pass-stop channel filters and amplifiers allow mixing of maximum 4 single UHF channels, received by one antenna, with a UHF band received by another antenna. Excellent coupling is achieved by using channel filters and high selectivity notch filters.
83167K25: filter that allows to move an out of band channel. (Eg. Move the Ch. 25 received from the UHF direction in BIV).


codeinputsbandscellschannel passchannel stoppass bandoutputs
83161CE21 Ch, UHF-1 Ch1/1> -2 dB< -15 dB> -1,5 dB1
83162CE22 Ch, UHF-2 Ch2/2> -3 dB< -15 dB> -1,5 dB1
83163CE23 Ch, UHF-3 Ch3/3> -4 dB< -15 dB> -2,0 dB1
83164CE24 Ch, UHF-4 Ch4/4> -5 dB< -15 dB> -2,5 dB1

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