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Mast amplifiers - APS series

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Top of the range pole amplifiers, assembled in a die-casting mechanics with internal separators to maximize the shielding between individual inputs and heat dissipation. For each input there is a variable RF attenuator with constant impedance, and a command to enable the tele-power to a possible external preamp. Performance is absolute: bandwidth linearity, low noise figure, gain up to 40 dB and output level 119dBµV. They are supplied with an external shock-proof plastic protection provided with a metal clamp for attaching to the mast. For the "UHF only" versions, a different encoding is used that allows an immediate identification of the product specifications. Versions with separate BIV and BV inputs can be requested with the custom cutting frequency. All models are perfectly compatible with the new TV standards and, thanks to the integration of a special selective filter, with the current UHF band reduced to channel 48 following the reassignment of frequencies to LTE/5G telephony operators.

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