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Mast amplifiers- APG series

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The APG mast amplifiers series includes several versions that differ in the number and type of inputs, the gain (by 20 to 30 dB) and the maximum output level from 108 to 116 dBμV. The metal body and the "F" connectors give a high level of shielding. All the models have good linearity over the entire band amplified, an excellent separation between individual inputs and an excellent signal/noise ratio. The good output level, and the separate amplification VHF/UHF guarantee a low intermodulation coefficient. These products comply with current regulations concerning the CE marking.
83215SG: The uniqueness of this amplifier lies in the 8 different configurations in the same product. The available gain is 30/30 (dB) VHF/UHF and using a 2-way selector it is possible to exclude one transistor amplifier by decreasing the gain of 10-15 dB. Inside the amplifier there is a jumper to select the types of input: 2 inputs VHF/UHF or 1 single Log.

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