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Mast amplifiers- APG series

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Mast amplifiers characterized by a die-casting mechanics and supplied with an external shock-proof plastic protection equipped with a metal clamp for attachment to the mast. The range consists of several versions that differ in: the power level (112/115/119 dbµv), the amplification (up to 30db), the number and type of inputs. For each input is provided the regulation of the signal and the possibility of providing the voltage of 12vdc to a possible external preamp. Strengths are the shielding level, the gain linearity and the low noise figure. There are "UHF only" versions in the range for which a coding has been introduced that allows an immediate identification of the product specifications. Versions with separate BIV and BV inputs can be requested with the custom cutting frequency. All models are perfectly compatible with the new transmission standards, and, thanks to the integration of a special selective filter, with the current DTT UHF band (470... 694 MHz) reduced following the reassignment of frequencies to LTE/5G telephony operators.

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