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Multiswitches with universal outputs "Matrix" series

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The Matrix series is a “Made in Italy” multiswitch range coming from our multi-year experience in the realization of professional systems for the satellite signal distribution. The range consists of multiswitch with 4, 6, 8 and 12 outputs and can be used for both radial and cascadable distributions. All models have compact size and are made with hot-galvanized tool and F output connectors mounted on one side. For the wall fixing a white plastic base is available but it can be easely removed if a housing is present. The loop-through multiswitches can be also used as terminal components if endowed with isolated closing resistor (80314C). Each model is available in the active or passive version with different attenuation values. This allows to realize multi-level cascadable installations and receive homogeneous signals on all the sockets. A 10 dB attenuator that can be independently inserted on each output, allows levelling of the signals even though the sockets are far from each other. Using the plug-in connectors cod. 80315M (or 80315ME), you can merge multiple multiswitch to form a central head-end with the number of desired outputs. The power to the LNB and multiswitch is provided directly by the connected receivers. All Matrix multiswitches are compatible with the accessories (injector, splitter, tap and amplifier).

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