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Indoor mixer

Devices for RF modulation and distribution of Audio Video signals coming from different sources (digital receivers, telecameras, etc). As a matter of fact, thanks to remote power supply, the modulator can be used to realize an installation that can send to the TV head-end the re-modulated sat signal by the same downward dish cable by distributing the sat signal to all the household sockets, without additional cables. Mixers, combined with modulators, mix the usually received TV frequencies. Thanks to a devoted filter on input, mixers also avoid the return of the modulated channel on the sockets of the other flats.


Codefreq. Mhzinsertion lossIn 1 MHzIn 2 MHzOutconnectors
87401M47÷8600.5 dBBII + UHFBI (modul.)MIXF fem.
87402M47÷8600.5 dBBI + BII + UHFBS (modul.)MIXF fem.
87403M47÷8600.5 dBBI + UHFBIII (modul.)MIXF fem.

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