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The QPSK/COFDM Estro2 conversion head-end allows you to receive satellite services (even encrypted) and tune them to a digital terrestrial decoder or a TV with DTT Tuner. The Sat channels, also coming from different transponders, are converted to a DTT mux chosen by the user and mixed with the normal services received via the terrestrial TV antenna. For each converted channel, it is possible to assign an LCN number. In this way, the user will be able to decide which position the converted channels must occupy in the TV channel list. The series consists of 6 different models, FTA and with CI, and allows you to convert groups of channels (SD or HD) from different TP to DTT mux (DVB-T) or in DVB-C. The head-end is modular and can be updated adding components to increase its potential.The modules can be combined with CI CAM for coded services such as high definition services of Tiv├╣sat platform. Programming is performed via PC with the dedicated software.

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