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Multiswitch accessories

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4 way line amplifier for satellite signals with side plug for power supply (ref. 80275C / 80275E). 80294A with 20 dB gain independently adjustable for any polarity (adj. 10 dB) and 80294AT3, with 25dB SAT and 27dB TV gain independently adjustable for any polarity (adj. 20 dB). Wideband SAT amplifier 80294AW3, with 30 dB gain (adj.15 dB).
80294D - multiple splitter specifically realised for the 4-cables of one up-right column. Suitable for buildings with more down leads.
80294E - tap for 4 main cables, suitable for the realization of installations with several users shunted to the main column.
Injectors: 80294J/80294JS - Direct current injector sends the power supplied by an external amplifier to the LNB. Absolutely necessary in those installations where the amplifier code 80294A is not employed and where the receivers are not able to provide for the consumption of the whole installation and of the LNB. The injector 80294JS must be used in the above mentioned situations only with SCR multiswitches Matrix series.


CodeIn.OutTapsGainmax out levnoise figurecons.through lossfrequencyreturn lossdimensions
80275CSwitching PSU for Compact series 15V - 1100 mA
80275ESwitching PSU for Compact series 15V - 800 mA

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