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Swageable masts

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A complete range of masts meeting every requirement of installation: swageable masts, telescopic masts, single masts with or without plug and special bent supports offer an excellent solution even in the most difficult installing situation. Moreover, for each model various diameters and thicknesses are available. Thanks to the special hot-galvanized finish (ZF) these products assure remarkable long-lasting performances. Some models have white electrogalvanizing (ZB) or pre-galvanizing (PZ).


437L11.0 m40 mm1.2 mmtapered with plugZB6
437L151.5 m40 mm1.2 mmtapered with plugZB6
437L22.0 m40 mm1.2 mmtapered with plugZB6
4411.0 m25 mm1.2 mmcone-shapedZB10
4421.5 m25 mm1.2 mmcone-shapedZB10
4442.0 m25 mm1.2 mmcone-shapedZB10

Suggestions of use: for TV aerials and parabolic dish installations, as an alternative to telescopic masts.

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