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Accessories for the installation of TV antennas: ropes, tie rods, guy-rings and insulators allowing the best firmness of the antenna cable.
Other accessories are brackets for the anchorage of masts for TV or SAT antennas and insulators for the fixing of cables onto the wall.


410BZBPair of balcony brackets for mast.Ø 20÷55 mm12Suitable for universal fixings.
410CZBBalcony brackets for mast.Ø 25÷40 mm100
410FZBUniversal fixing bracket V/H with white electro-galvanizing.Ø 20÷55 mm10For balcony fixing of masts for one or more aerials.
425B5-Cable clip with inserted nail for cables.Ø 5 mm1Suitable for the wall-fixing of cable.
418ZFHot-galvanized vertical polarizer.L = 25 cm10Suitable for the polarization of aerials not endowed with polarizer.
414ZBTriple adjustable white electro-galvanizing, guy ring for masts.Ø 20÷45 mm10Suitable for the tension rod fixing to the mast.
415ZB4-fixing galvanized guy ring.Ø 20÷45 mm10
415RZB4-fixing guy ring with 4 thimbles.Ø 20÷45 mm10
610ZBThreaded turnbuckle3/16"10Accessory suitable to the tension rod adjustment.
480-Plasticized wire rope for aerial tying.Ø 3.5 mm100To be used with guy ring and clamps as tension rod.

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