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Chimney brackets

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This range of chimney brackets is ideal for the chimney fixing of masts for small and medium diameter dishes or for TV aerials. The use of galvanized steel strip (code NFK-NFK5) is recommended. These brackets are finished with hot-galvanizing and white electro-galvanizing.


codedescriptionlengthØ mastfinishpackinguse
Chimney bracket, thickness 3 mm.
Chimney bracket, thickness 4 mm.
411LSingle bracket. (1 piece)28 cm30÷50 mmZF1For the chimney fixing of masts for dishes of small and medium diameter or for TV aerials. The galvanised steel strip (optional) codes NFK and NFK5 can be used.
411FSingle bracket. Chimney bracket with plate 90° (side 25 cm), thickness 2.5 mm.16 cm30÷50 mmZB1
411F22 separated brackets. Pair of Chimney brackets (sheet thickness 2,5 mm).22 cm30÷50 mmZB1
411TSingle bracket. Chimney bracket with 90° plate and mast for dish mounting (side 25 cm).13.5 cm40 mmZF-
Galvanized steel strip 40 x 0.5 mm.25 m

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