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Convertitori ottici WB+TV-80622R.jpg

Multi-user system for SAT + TV signal distribution on single fiber. Each system manages multiple optical-electrical conversion points. The optical interface is compatible with Wide Band LNBs, which work on 2 polarities (V and H) with frequencies from 290 to 2340 MHz. Pre-connected SC / APC connectors are available in different sizes and allow to perform optical distribution, as well. Each optical-electric conversion point is endowed with an optical receiver (80622R), equipped with 3 connectors (VH and TV) that can be connected to hybrid multiswitches of the d-LOGIC series (5 cables/ 1 output code 80391DH or 5 cables/ 2 outputs code 80392DH) for the distribution of the TV / SAT signal to all users.


V+H wideband optical receiver with DTT, with AGC.
optical power
IN: -14…+3 dBm (AGC:-7..+2 dBm)
RF level
OUT: DTT>80 dBµV(AGC), SAT-IF 75±5 dBµV (AGC)
power supply
20 VDC
195x135x45 mm
Convertitori ottici WB+TV-80622R.jpg
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