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Borchie ottiche per FTTH-80680B1OF.jpg

Optical box allows connection of the flats to the access vertical networkset up in buildings. It is a passive element placed inside the real estate unit that defines the termination point of the optical fiber used for binding the UI (User Interface) to the access network.


503 FTTH Hybrid box: 1 SC / APC Optical Port - 1 RJ45 Port, OPEN FIBER specific
Hybrid optical box for connection to the access network. It is suitable for installation on the wall or in standard 503 flush-mounting boxes. It is possible to create inside it both optical wiring, with G.657A bend insensitive fiber and SC / APC connectors, and copper one, through RJ45 or RJ11 keystone jacks. Material: white thermoplastic ABS. Max dimensions: 120x90x20 mm.
Borchie ottiche per FTTH-80680B1OF.jpg
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