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It is available a wide range of accessories to combine with products for installations of fiber optic systems.


80650Clik connector cleaning toolTool for the cleaning of Clik connectors and splitters and taps with Clik connector.
80651Cleaning kit for different kinds of connectors. It includes: case, isopropyl alcohol (1L), compressed air can, 125 and 350 um cotton swabs (pack. 5 pcs) and dry tissues for fibers cleaning (pack. 280 pcs).• Provides ideal cleaning of the end face of the fiber• Small size• Fast cleaning without waste• Suitable for different kinds of connectors
80652Fiber Optic Cleaning tool with 2.5mm Ferrules (FC)Specific spring tool for the cleaning of FC connectors and passive/active components with FC connector.
80653Dry cleaning tape for various connectors (e.g. SC, FC, etc ...), pocket and rechargeable.It guarantees dry cleaning of the connector head without using alcohol or other solvents.
80651AIsopropyl alcohol (1L) for fiber and connections cleaning.Isopropyl alcohol is a fundamental product for the effective cleaning of fibers and connector heads. Deep degreasing of the optical fiber. It evaporates quickly.
80651FDry tissues (280 pcs)Dry tissues, suitable for cleaning the optical fiber which must be prepared for processing. They do not leave any residue and are antistatic, so as to maximize their efficiency.
80651CF250For ferrule cotton swabs250μ (5pcs)
80651CF125For ferrule cotton swabs125μ (5pcs)
80651BCompressed air can (for plastics parts cleaning)Practical and compact tool for quick cleaning of optical components. It reaches the tightest spaces.

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