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SILVER series

These UHF high gain antennas are completely produced in special aluminium alloy and supplied in Silver version without treatment, with double V elements, stark structure and excellent quality/price ratio. All elements are already mounted on the cradle and realized with full aluminium wire, Ø 4 mm for the directors and Ø 5 mm for the reflectors.


channelscodeelementsgainF/B ratiohorizontal beamwidthwind loadinglengthpackingweightvolume
21 - 4825WUG258 ... 12 dB24 dB29° ... 47°5.2 Kg494 mm55,5000,057
21 - 6032WUL339.5...13 dB24 dB28°...46°5.4 Kg638 mm57,8000,103
21 - 4833WUG339.5...13 dB24 dB28°...46°5.4 Kg711 mm56,0000,076
21 - 6052WUL4910.5...14 dB26 dB24°...40°6.6 Kg1160 mm59,0000,119
21 - 4841WUG4110.5...14.5 dB26 dB24°...40°6.6 Kg971 mm57,3000,101
21 - 6076WUL7711...16 dB27 dB20°...38°9.0 Kg1645 mm12,5000,030

:Reduces LTE interference
: Reduces LTE 5G interference

Packing: advertised single carton
LTEfree5G versions packing: polyethylene bag

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