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Excel antennas spring from traditional Yagi antennas keeping their structure and strength. The use of a different high performing dipole allows to obtain excellent results in the DTT signal reception also in extreme conditions. These antennas stand out for the high matching (Return loss) on the whole band. The Ø 5 mm aluminium full rod elements are premounted and locked in the 18x18 mm square section cradle.


channelscodeelementsgainF/B ratiohorizontal beamwidthwind loadinglengthpackingweightvolume
21 - 3716B4169...11 dB26 dB55°…25°3.8 Kg1180 mm1012,6000,143
21 - 4814B45G149...11 dB26 dB55°…24°3.3 Kg975 mm1011,1000,126
21 - 4021B40219...13 dB26 dB55°…25°4.2 Kg1368 mm1014,8000,143
21 - 3726B43010...14 dB26 dB40°…21°6.2 Kg2190 mm510,5000,126

01: 6-element reflector; 02 - 03:10-element reflector
: Reduces LTE interference, : Reduces LTE 5G interference

Packing: polyethylene bag.

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