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ICE series

New conception patented antennas designed paying attention to the features of the new DTT signals. They have high gain and excellent directivity. Made in aluminium alloy with white anticorrosion treatment. Stark structure, fast and easy to assemble, no tools required. The innovating design allows to obtain a high vertical directivity and a high gain. Pre-mounted elements in full aluminium wire to get high starkness and low wind load. Wide reflector for high front / back ratio. Two models (code 45AMBSL and 45AKBL) are ideal for those areas where the digital terrestrial signal is good, but attenuation of the reflection of natural or artificial obstacles is required. Also available with dipole built-in notch filter.
Emme Esse Patents


channelscodeelementsgainF/B ratiohorizontal beamwidthwind loadinglengthpackingweightvolume
21 - 6045ABL3811.5...16.5 dB30 dB22°...44°9.2 Kg1150 mm5 pcs10,4 kg0,137 mc
21 - 6045ABSL3811.5...16.5 dB30 dB22°...44°9.2 Kg1150 mm5 pcs10,3 kg0,127 mc
21 - 6045ABLF3811.5...16.5 dB30 dB22°...44°9.2 Kg1150 mm5 pcs9,5 kg0,127 mc
21 - 4845ABG3811.5...16.5 dB30 dB22°...44°9.2 Kg1150 mm---
21 - 6045AKBSL3411.0...15.5 dB29 dB24°...46°8.9 Kg830 mm5 pcs10 kg0,126 mc
21 - 6045AMBSL3010.5...14.5 dB28 dB25°...48°8.2 Kg830 mm10 pcs16 kg0,143 mc

: Reduces LTE interference
45ABLF: Antenna dipole with LTE filter

Packing: polyethylene bag
Packing 45ABL/45ABLF: advertised single carton

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