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SILVER series

Triple-cradle structure aerials designed to enhance the digital TV signal reception quality. The special elements array allows to obtain an excellent frequency reply and an increase of the S/N ratio thanks to improved vertical and horizontal directivity and to better protection against impulsive noises. Stark structure with pre-mounted full rod elements, simple and quick to mount: it doesn’t require any tool. The articles ending with L are referred to 3-line antennas designed and projected reducing the workband up to E60 channel. In this way the band gain is exalted limiting the LTE signal interference.
Emme Esse Patents


channelscodeelementsgainF/B ratiohorizontal beamwidthwind loadinglengthpackingweightvolume
21 - 6045WSL4112...17 dB30 dB20°...40°10.6 Kg1150 mm511,0000,117
21 - 6045KWSL3711.5...15.5 dB29 dB24°...44°9.1 Kg920 mm510,3000,117
21 - 6045MWSL3311...15 dB28 dB24°...46°8.5 Kg920 mm59,5000,092
21 - 4845WS5G3512.5...18 dB30 dB20°...40°10.6 Kg1150 mm511,0000,117
21 - 4845KWS5G3111.5...17 dB29 dB24°...44°9.1 Kg920 mm510,0000,117
21 - 4845MWS5G2711...17 dB28 dB24°...46°8.5 Kg920 mm58,5000,114

[img.verde.png]: Reduces LTE interference, : Reduces 5G LTE interference
Packing: polyethylene bag

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