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Patended ICE Series Yagi antennas are supplied with Ø 5 mm aluminium round elements already blocked and assembled in the cradle with 18x18 mm square section. These antennas are very strong and the installation is simple and fast.

The use of channel group antennas is recommended to receive portions of bandwidth not receivable from the direction of main reception. In this way it's possibile to use an antenna with dedicated high performance, for the services requested.


channelscodeelementsgainF/B ratiohorizontal beamwidthwind loadinglengthpackingweightvolume
21 - 2413K211311 dB25 dB35°4.0 Kg1345 mm56,0000,143
25 - 2813K251311 dB25 dB35°4.1 Kg1410 mm56,0000,143
29 - 3213K291311 dB25 dB35°4.1 Kg1410 mm56,0000,143
33 - 3713K331311 dB25 dB35°4.0 Kg1460 mm56,0000,143

4-element reflector

Packing: polyethylene bag.

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