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ICE series

These antennas from our ICE series are ideal for the reception of various bands at the same time and are made by mechanic combining of VHF and UHF aerials. They have just one F output mixed in the UHF dipole box. Multiband antennas are supplied with low loss cables for the connection of the two dipoles. Installation is fast and easy and can be done in fixed position or together with the antenna rotor.

Code 15LXL has two separate UHF and VHF dipoles whereas other models have one multiband dipole studied to combine VHF and UHF band so as to reduce the installation times.


channelscodeelementsgainF/B ratiohorizontal beamwidthwind loadinglengthbandspackingweightvolume
5 - 6015LXL163.5..5/8..12 dB12/22 dB66°/48°…28°5.8 Kg873 mmVHF+UHF1015,0000,143
5 - 6055M3L438/16 dB16/26 dB50°/40°…30°14 Kg1100 mmVHF+UHF513,3000,200
5 - 4855M3G378/16.5 dB16/26 dB50°/40°…30°14 Kg1100 mmVHF+UHF513,3000,170
5 - 6031OPT3318/14 dB16/24 dB50°/46°...24°14 Kg1100 mmVHF+UHF511,8000,117

: Reduces LTE interferences
: Reduces LTE 5G interferences
01:Band III + UHF in line
02-03:Band III + UHF multiband dipole

Packing 01: polyetilene bag
Packing 02-03: advertised single carton

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