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ICE series

The production of FM antennas is completely treated with anti-oxidant transparent aluminum color that guarantees maximum protection against atmospheric agents. Even the stereo FM radio antennas are equipped with white plastics like the other families of the ICE series.

All ICE series antennas have Rohs compatible anticorrosion white treatment in three main stages: - alkaline degreasing - deoxidation - passivation


channelscodeelementsgainF/B ratiohorizontal beamwidthwind loadinglengthpackingweightvolume
DAB174DE^12,15 dB--3,0 Kg233 mm---
FM213*11 dB--3,3 Kg233 mm---
FM21511 dB--3,3 Kg233 mm53,5000,036
FM21611 dB--3,3 Kg233 mm53,0000,036
FM21712 dB--3,0 Kg233 mm53,5000,036
FM21823,5 dB12 dB76°5,1 Kg692 mm1010,5000,126
FM22047 dB18 dB58°8,8 Kg1700 mm1017,5000,188

Antioxidant transparent treatment in aluminium colour and white plastics
° 214 ... 240 MHz
^ 174 ... 230 MHz

Packing: polyethylene bag.
*Packing: single carton.

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