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accessories for cabling

A series of cables for the connection of AV devices to the TV or to the TV or SAT distribution installation. The connection cables with scart or RCA connectors and many sizes of the pre-connected cables with F or IEC connectors are among this category.
Furthermore, there are accessories such as scissors and crimping tools for stripping and heading of the cable.


80420Professional cable-stripper compatible with electric conductors and coaxial cables RG/U 6, 58, 59, and 62. Thanks to the practical handgrip and to the conductor insertion system, it produces cables stripped to the desired measure in a minute.
80421Professional scissors for coaxial cable and electric wires.
80425Professional crimping tool for connectors F, N, BNC, TNC, UHF, ST, SC, SMA etc, shows 5 holes with diameters 6.48, 5.41, 2.54, 1.72 and 8.23 mm. This item, employed for cables RG 58, RG59, RG62 is compatible with Emme Esse connectors ref. 80327, 80327A and 80329A. These pliers are steel made with anti-slip handgrip.

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