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New demodulation head-ends

New Estro2 head-ends have arrived, optimized to offer the best HD channels reception and conversion.

Modular, they can be updated by adding components to increase their potential.

The head-ends demodulates in digital terrestrial (DVB-T) or in DVB-C, SD or HD (DVB-S and DVB-S2) satellite services, also encoded (by using CAM and professional Cards for decoding the desired channels).

Selected services are distributed to users via the same network used for digital terrestrial and can be tuned using any device (TV or Decoder) equipped with tuner for digital terrestrial (or DVB-C).

Ideal for hotels, hospitals, communities, camping, etc.

Main features

main features

Available in 6 different models

suitable for free to air signals

   • 80422: 2 inputs SAT for 2TPs - Output: 2 FTA MUXES

   • 80428: 4 inputs SAT for 8TPs - Output: 4 FTA MUXES

   • 80429: 4 inputs SAT for 8TPs - Output: 8 FTA MUXES

suitable for free to air and encoded signals

  • 80422CI: 2 SAT inputs for 2TPs - Output: 2 MUXES 2xCI

  • 80428CI: 4 SAT inputs for 8TPs - Output: 4 MUXES 2xCI

  • 80430CI: 4 inputs SAT for 8TPs - Output: 8 MUXES 4xCI


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