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For log-periodic antennas with 4G LTE built-in filter

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The series of LTEfree 4G and 5G amplifiers has been designed to meet every requirement of TV signal reception. The metallic structure and F connectors guarantee a high screening level. The range includes a number of versions differing for the number and type of inputs, the gain (from 10 to 35 dB) and the maximum output level from 108 to 114 dBμV. All models offer a good linearity on the whole amplified band and an excellent signal/noise ratio. The good output level and the separated VHF/UHF amplification guarantee a low intermodulation coefficient. The anti-shock weatherproof plastic case is made with an innovating system allowing a fast cable connection.


codeinputsbandsgain adj. V/Uoutput levelgain adjustmentnoise figure V/Uoutputsconsumption
83200TL1Log10/10 dB108 dBμV0...15 dB3 / 4 dB130 mA @12V
83211TL1Log25/25 dB108 dBμV0...15 dB5 / 5 dB170 mA @12V
83212TL1VHF-UHF25/25 dB108 dBμV0...15 dB4 / 5 dB170 mA @12V
83213TL1VHF-UHF35/35 dB108 dBμV0...15 dB4 / 8 dB170 mA @12V
83214TL2Log UHF25/25 dB108 dBμV0...15 dB4 / 8 dB170 mA @12V
83214-2TL2Log UHF20/20 dB108 dBμV0...15 dB4 / 8 dB270 mA @12V

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