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ASA series

These auto-supplied amplifiers are designed to allow the local increase of the signal level in single sectors of a pre-existing installation; a typical situation is the addition of new sockets not included in the project.


codeinputsgaingain adjustementoutput leveloutputsnoise figurepower supply
83928CEVHF-UHF10 dB-114 dBμV14 dB220-240 50Hz
83932CEVHF-UHF25 dB15 dB114 dBμV16 dB220-240 50Hz
83934CEVHF-UHF8 / 20 dB-/15 dB114 dBμV28 dB220-240 50Hz
83930CEVHF-UHF23 dB15 dB114 dBμV28 dB220-240 50Hz
83930GVHF-UHF23 dB15 dB114 dBμV28 dB220-240 50Hz

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