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"M" series, "VSAT" and "Eolo"

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VSAT dish (very small aperture terminal) M series: for bi-directional satellite communications from remote terminals to a central hub or to other terminals without link to terrestrial net. Very strong and fully realized in high anticorrosion endurance metal, these dishes are produced with completely automatic equipments which guarantee an optimal working precision. The mounting system is studied to cut the installation time and make the pointing easier. Available in single package or bulk. Patents by Emme Esse
VSAT - De-Icing. Supplied with carbon fiber heater with automatic unit temperature adjustment, they are ideal for installations in areas characterized by the formation of ice and/or snow, increasing the operational efficiency and assuring the working of the unit even against adverse weather conditions. The de-icing device also warms the LNB area. The neoprene power supply cable can be disconnected and is supplied with IP68 connector. They are supplied in single pack only. Patents by Emme Esse
WiMAX -The dish Ø 45 ref. 8045ASHY is a product dedicated to internet local services, equipped with bars for the monopode stability and mounting bracket for LNB WiMAX type.


CodeØ cm
8085AMGD85galvanized steel
8085AMGDL85galvanized steel
8085AMGDT85galvanized steel
8085AMGDC85galvanized steel
8045ASHY45galvanized steel

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