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9 inputs (SAT + TV)

Multiswitch with legacy outputs for radial installations, ideal for the realization of “Dual feed" service where the pipes for the TV cables to each apartment are connected directly to a technical compartment or under the roof.
The dimensions of the case make the cable connection very easy during installation and advise the laying of panels or technical cabinets.
The range includes various models that differ in the number of socket outlets, all terminals, with TV input and supplied with power supply.
The low SAT and TV tap loss (all the models are TV amplified) allow the signal distribution even to remote sockets without using amplifiers.


CodeMultiswitchIn.OutTapsline losstap lossisolationmax lev in max lev in dBµVcons.size
80594TActive terminal9-4-+4 - +225 - 308030 mA153x115x54 mm
80596TActive terminal9-6-+2 - 025 - 308030 mA153x128x54 mm
80598TActive terminal9-8-0 - 425 - 308030 mA153x128x54 mm
80597TActive terminal9-16-4 - 625 - 308030 mA233x128x54 mm

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