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d-Logic series

New range of 4 and 5 cable multiswitch with dCSS digital technology (digital channel stacking switch) for sat and tv distribution on a single cable.
The d-Logic multiswitches are fully back-compatible with the traditional analog SCR frequencies and in addition allow to carry out much more efficient installations because with a single coaxial cable, for each output, it is possible to handle up to 16 User band.
All d-LOGIC series 5-cable multiswitches allow automatic SCR / Legacy (Hybrid) switching to guarantee full compatibility with any type of decoder (SAT and DTT). The 1 and 2 outputs versions are compatible with the Wideband technology which provides for the distribution of SAT signals of an orbital position with only 2 riser column cables (instead of 4) and 2 orbital positions with 4 cables (instead of 8). For this type of installation it is necessary to use the appropriate LNB cod. 80192W (up to 16 User Band for each output).


* Compatible with wideband LNB

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