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d-Logic Accessories

New range of 4 and 5 cable multiswitch with dCSS digital technology (digital channel stacking switch) for sat and tv distribution on a single cable.
The d-Logic multiswitches are fully back-compatible with the traditional analog SCR frequencies and in addition allow to carry out much more efficient installations because with a single coaxial cable, for each output, it is possible to handle up to 16 User band.
All d-LOGIC series 5-cable multiswitches allow automatic SCR / Legacy (Hybrid) switching to guarantee full compatibility with any type of decoder (SAT and DTT). The 1 and 2 outputs versions are compatible with the Wideband technology which provides for the distribution of SAT signals of an orbital position with only 2 riser column cables (instead of 4) and 2 orbital positions with 4 cables (instead of 8). For this type of installation it is necessary to use the appropriate LNB cod. 80192W (up to 16 User Band for each output).


80294JPSPSU for dSCR, 100-240 V/20VDC, 3.25A, F connector115x55x35 mm
80294PSEPSU for dSCR, small systems, 20 V adj., 1.50A, F connector60x80x100
80294JDPower inserter for dSCR61x51x16 mm
80294JDSPSU/ inserter with 2 way smart splitter for dSCR, 950-2150 MHz, 18VDC, 0.5A110x94x41 mm
80294MDdCSS/SCR Adapter ADD-ON, IN: 4SAT +TV, OUT: 2 dCSS/SCR + 2 Legacy90x85x40 mm

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