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Amplifiers - Splitters

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Amplifiers - these products allow to avoid crossing losses due to passive splitters and taps or to the length of the coaxial cable but they are also employed to increase the signal level where it is inferior then the one required by the receiver. Available in 5 different versions, they work with every receiver + LNB combination with a power between +12 and +24 Vcc. The input (towards the LNB) is shown on the label. They are all realised in aluminium die casting except for ref. 80251R which is in hot galvanised sheet and is endowed with trimmer for the gain adjustment.

Active splitter - Without losses on the outputs the active splitter allows to separate sections of the cable in those installations where the signal is very weak. Realised with aluminium die casting mechanics, it is available in the models with 4 and 8 outputs, both compatible with satellite frequencies only.

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