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Mobile phone signal boosters


Mobile phone outdoor antennas

Kit for the reception of telephone signals are devices that extend a cellular signal inside those buildings where there is not an adequate coverage due to high distance from the telephone transmitter or to the shielding of the building.

The passive connection is a bi-directional repeating system of a GSM/UMTS signal that is not amplified and composed of 2 dual band antennas (one indoor, one outdoor) and a 50 Ohm headed connection cable.

The use of this kit is only recommended only in the presence of a strong outdoor signal and for a small indoor area to cover. The outdoor directional antenna, positioned on the roof, receives the available cellular signal and broadcasts it to the indoor antenna that spreads it in the indoor area.

Active kit GSM and UMTS

Active kit GSM and UMTS. Ideal for the coverage of large areas (offices, warehouses, shops, restaurants, etc), this kit can manage both signals voice (GSM) and data (UMTS) providing a bi-directional amplifyer booster that allows a good extension of the coverage.

In order to choose the right kit it is recommended to effect a study considering the power of the received outdoor signal and the area to cover. The kit is composed of dual band amplifier, power supply, outdoor high gain directional antenna, indoor wall patch antenna, 2 coaxial cables with assembled connectors.

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