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Protective housings

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Passive components allowing splitting the optical signal onto more balanced outputs (splitters) or unbalanced outputs (taps). The range includes articles that mount fast connectors (Clik type) for the use with their pre-connected cables or SC/APC kind. The latter, available in different versions up to 32 outputs, can also be used combined with underground cables or inside the multi-operator box enclosures for FTTH networks.


80681Protection and redundancy housing for cables• Space for a splitter (1x2 or 1x4 - Clik) • Space for redundancy cable up to 5 m •Balanced and tidy design, ideal for home installation • Dimensions: 190 x 87x 21 mm
80681ABox for splitter and cable redundancySpace to house more splitters (1x2 or 1x4 - Clik) and cable redundancy.

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