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Sat and TV optical-electrical converters

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Active components for the conversion of the SAT/TV signal into an installation with fiber optic distribution. In order to distribute the TV signal via fiber optic it is first necessary to convert the signal into optic and then, before sending it to the users, re-convert it into electric. This is the reason why every kind of optic converter is always available as Transmitter (electric-to-optic) or Receiver (optic-to-electric). There are several models of optic converter:
Optic LNB for SAT only installations or LNB KIT + interface for mixed distributions on single fiber, bi-directional kits, TV-only converters and wide band SAT signal distribution interfaces with recessed sockets and built-in optical converter.


80615Optical-electrical converter with four independent outputs for the direct connection to decoder.• It converts SAT-IF signals to IF+DTT signals • Minimal input optical power: -14 dBm • Power: - from STB (80615) - external PSU (80616) • Optical input: FC/PC standard connector • Output: 4 F-type female connectors
80616Optical-electrical converter with four HVHV sat polarities for the multiswitch connection.

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