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The optical cables are conductors that can contain one or more single mode optical fibers. For the outdoor installation, multi-fiber armored cables, minibreakouts and single-fiber cables are available. For the indoor installation, Emme Esse catalog offers single-fiber or multi-fiber cables for multiservice/FTTH installation such as 8-fiber riser cables and minibreakouts.
The range is completed by a selection of single mode optical patchcords with different lenghts pre-connected with optical connectors, ready for fast connection in cabinets or directly to optical converters.


External installation minibreakout CCA cable, 24 F.O. SM 9/125 G.657A2, grey, OpenFiber OF ST 1730 certified.This cable is suitable for facade wiring in FTTH applications: it is designed for outdoor or aerial wiring. The cable is further reinforced with the presence of aramid yarns, arranged at 120 °, inside the outer sheath of the cable. It complies with the OF ST 1730 standard and is CPR certified.
Cavi ottici-80670F24OF.jpg
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