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Fiber optic fusion splicer

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Professional accessories for fiber optic installations. The splicer is definitely necessary for the heading of fiber optics and checking the correctness of the joints. The measuring instruments allow finding problems on the line. The measuring devices are usually 2: a light generator to create a signal for testing and an optical power meter for different measurements.


80626NAll-in-one fiber optic fusion splicer (strip, clean, cleave, splice, sleeve) with standard package. Fast and easy to use, even for a beginner. Automatic software up-date..• Multifunctional: stripping (250/900 mm), cleaning, cleaving, splicing, sleeving and heating; useful for splicing and connectorizing.• Angle cut measurement, average splice loss evaluation, tension test • Sophisticated clad alignment. Fixed V-groove •Programs for splicing standard and special (NZDS, DS) single-mode fiber, multi-mode fiber, customizable programs.• The package includes: splicer, a pair of fiber holder, a pair of sleeve heater lever blocks, AC adapter, battery charger, battery pack, a pair of spare electrode, cooling tray, soft case, User guide CD.
80626AExtra pair of fiber holder (to be chosen among HF250, HF900, HF2.5F, HF-IN)Extra pair of fiber holder for splicing procedures, to be chosen according to the fiber optic cable: • HF250: 0.25 mm cable holder • HF900: 0.9 mm cable holder • HF2.5F: 2/3 mm round cable holder • HF-IN: indoor cables with metal reinforcement holders
80626BExtra pair of sleeve heater lever blocksExtra pair of sleeve heater lever blocks. To be selected both for the left and the rigth side of the oven, according to the dimension of fiber optic cable (0.25/0.9 mm, 2.0/2.4 mm, 3.0 mm, indoor cables).
80626EFusion splicer for FTTH with core-to-core alignment, with accessories included in the hard case. Small and light, easy to carry.• Core-to-core alignment • 7 second splice, 26 second warm up • optional SOC holder • includes: Italian menu, cutter, fiber stripper, spare electrodes, 2 holders for joining fibers of 250-900 µm, extra holder for SOC SC, accessories for maintenance, rigid case, online assistance service in Italy
80626ESCSOC SC / APC SM fusion connector for optical splicer

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