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The elements are produced in aluminium tube of Ø 8 mm. They are supplied with pre-assembled elements endowed with special clamps which make the installation easy.


channelscodeelementsgainF/B ratiohorizontal beamwidthwind loadinglengthpackingweightvolume
E54K547 dB18 dB60°4.2 Kg1055 mm109,3000,085
E64K647 dB18 dB60°4.0 Kg995 mm109,0000,085
E74K747 dB18 dB60°3.9 Kg965 mm108,5000,067
E84K847 dB18 dB60°3.7 Kg920 mm108,2000,067
E94K947 dB18 dB60°3.5 Kg920 mm108,3000,067
E104K1047 dB18 dB60°3.5 Kg949 mm108,3000,067
E114K1147 dB18 dB60°3.4 Kg875 mm108,2000,067
E56K569 dB22 dB47°6.5 Kg1980 mm1013,5000,085
E66K669 dB22 dB47°6.3 Kg1895 mm1012,7000,085
E76K769 dB22 dB47°6.0 Kg1830 mm1012,3000,085
E86K869 dB22 dB47°5.7 Kg1740 mm1012,3000,085
E96K969 dB22 dB47°5.5 Kg1740 mm1013,0000,085
E106K1069 dB22 dB47°5.4 Kg1685 mm1013,0000,067
E116K1169 dB22 dB47°5.0 Kg1460 mm1011,2000,067

01-02: 1-element reflector

Packing: advertised single carton.

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