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Amplified kit and accessories

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The 805KIT1 kit is an efficient dual band field extender-wire operating in the GSM -UMTS bands. It allows to extend the signal GSM voice and GPRS / EDGE data and UMTS-3G from the outside (roof) where it needs to be present with a good level, towards the inside of the building where it is low or absent. It is usually employed in medium to large areas such as industrial plants, department stores or big buildings (200...500 sqm and more according to the outdoor signal level).The system amplifies the input signal ensuring normal operation without self-oscillation phenomena thus avoiding interfering with the BTS. The package includes 2 x 1PGSM panel antennas, 1 dual band GSM + UMTS 70 dB amplifier with mains power supply, 2 x 10 m coaxial cables with N (m) assembled connectors.

The 805KIT2 kit has been designed to solve problems of coverage of the UMTS telephone signal in small areas such as homes, offices, meeting rooms, shops, etc. The package includes 1 2100 MHz 65 dB amplifier with mains power supply, 1 outdoor panel antenna, 1 indoor panel antenna, 1 x 10 m coaxial cable with SMA termination, 1 x 5 m coaxial cable with SMA termination.


codetechnical featuresfrequenciesconnectorsdimensions
805KIT1GSM+UMTS extender kit:•Max. Output power: 20 dBm• Gain: 70 dBm •AGC: > 30 dB •Noise figure: <7 dB •Max. input power: <-30 dB • Power supply: 12 VccUplink: 880...915 MHz / 1920...1980 MHz
Downlink: 925...960 MHz / 2110...2170 MHz
N (f)Ampl.: 260x170x35 mm
805KIT2UMTS extender kit:•Max. Output power: 15 dBm• Gain: 65 dBm •AGC: > 20 dB •Noise figure: <5 dB •Max. input power: <-25 dB • Power supply: 6 VccUplink: 1920...1980 MHz
Downlink: 2110...2170 MHz
N (f)Ampl.: 84x115x50 mm
805P2•50 Ohm 2 outputs splitter •Insertion loss: < 3,5 dB •Insulation > 20 dB800..2500 MHzN (f)117x83x21,5 mm
805P3•50 Ohm 3 outputs splitter •Insertion loss: < 5,4 dB •Insulation > 20 dB800..2500 MHzN (f)135x83x21,5 mm
805P4•50 Ohm 4 outputs splitter •Insertion loss: < 6,6 dB •Insulation > 20 dB800..2500 MHzN (f)115x112x22 mm
805CMMobile phone meter for GSM and UMTS signals which, connected to a PC, allows you to scan the channels in the 900 and 2100 MHz bands providing for each of them the power (dBm), the identification of the source cell (Cell ID) and related LAC (Local Area Coordination) code. The received channels are divided by operator and organized according to frequency. Compatible with all operators, does not use SIM.

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